Feb 7, 2011

Photo Challenge Day 7 - Yellow

Well today was a busy day with my interview and then being stranded on the side of a random country road with no cell phone for forty-five minutes in the cold because I had stopped to take pictures and my dads car wouldn't start (we switched for the day because it was snowing and and I had a one and a half hour drive each way for my interview and he has 4 wheel drive which sadly my Jetta does not) In forty-five minutes not a single vehicle stopped and I had the hood up and everything :( . Then I finally got it started and a nice farmer on a tractor pulled up to make sure I was ok, which was super nice and I was grateful for! So needless to say I did not stop to take anymore yellow pictures on my way home because I was afraid of being stranded again. So this is what I decided to shoot. I think these shots turned out good, I love finding interesting angles.

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