Feb 2, 2011

Photo Challenge Day 2 - Snow White

So today's challenge was Snow!! and with the amount of snow we received today  the possibilities for pictures seemed endless. For the first picture I decided to use the black and white setting on my camera. The object under all this snow is a BBQ, poor poor BBQ. I think this picture does a good job at conveying the cold and gloomy day we had.

For the Second photo I wanted to capture the snow falling and I tried various shutter speeds until I got this, where snow flakes are pretty visible. I like how the lamp post really stands out. This picture reminds me of The Lion the Witch and the Wardrobe!!

I have had questions from people who would like to participate in the Photo Challenge and would like to answer them now.

Participating in the Photo Challenge
  1. On a day you would like to participate come to The Chronicles of the Creative Geographer and find the topic or theme of the day. (photo's must be taken on day of challenge)
  2. Go out and be inspired and take some pictures. (pictures for this Challenge are to be natural and unedited, this is about finding creativity and inspiration not about photo manipulation)
  3. Post your favourite pictures of the day and some info about it to YOUR blog or website and leave a comment  here under the daily challenge with the link to your post.
  4. Have Fun :D

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