Feb 1, 2011

Lets Try This Again... Photo Challenge Day 1 take 2

Ok so due to a shot hiatus from the 365 Day Photo Challenge I have decided that I will start at day 1 again.
Day 1: Kitties
I was playing around with the manual setting in fairly low light for the first one, and  this is what I was able to capture.
I love how this shot of Brooke turned out. She is just kinda looking off into the distance, maybe day dreaming of an impending attack on the dogs. I love the soft light in this photo, and I feel like the shadows add dimension.  Taking pictures of Brooke today reminded me how much fun she is to photograph, she is quite quirky and loves the camera.
I was lucky to have my camera near by for this one. Brooke decided to roll around in a pink scarf, and play cute for the camera. I think this pic of her turned out really great!!

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