Jun 27, 2013

How to be an Explorer of the World

So from my recent post you can see that I have been keeping busy. Do you ever feel like you need a little spark to get you thinking off your "normal" train of thoughts? Seeing everything the same each day. Being away from work for a year and having a baby as my daily partner in crime is different that being out in the world and seeing and absorbing all that is around you. Meeting and working with people and constantly hearing different ideas and opinions ect. I seem to get "manamama" or a meow from the cats or whine from the dog most of the day. I love my days with my son but compared to my work life it is cheese and chalk (stole this saying from my besties mom). Anyway I have been digging around to find ways to start rethinking outside my box to get me prepared for the "real world" when I'm back at work.

I found a line to some books on a friends Pinterest page ( seriously go check out this fabulous woman's website, talk about creativity and inspiration  - Kate Fagervik - www.livewithmoxy.com -check out her IMAGINARIUM penthouse boutique in Enderby BC)

What caught my eye was a box set by Keri Smith entitled Wreck this Box. So I read about it and I was fascinated. Here is something to get me thinking outside my box, I got excited. Then I found Everything that can Happen in a Day by David Horovitz it's a playful activity journal for adults. Finally I found How to be an Explorer of the World - Portable LifeMuseum by Keri Smith. The only one I was able to get local was the last one so I got a copy and I am so excited. I ordered the others but it will be a few weeks before they arrive. I'm stoked to take this book and a notebook with me everywhere I go so I can:

This is so exciting I needed a little boost and I have already completed #1 and it's pretty neat. I'm hoping to expand my mind and knowledge of everything around me. I may even post some things I have done. I will try my best to post more on my experiments and observations of the world around me. 

Jun 25, 2013

My creativity is on fire

So it's been quite a while since my last post. I have been settling into my new role as mommy, working on our house and letting my creative side run wild. A personal goal I made for myself which I hope I am able to reach is to sign up to be a vendor in a market or craft fair before I go back to work. The clock is ticking so I'm not sure if this will materialize. I have been whipping up storms of items but I am giving it all away to friends and family, making them for us or our home.

It all kind of started when I made a painting for our newly arrived baby cousin. Then  my cousin asked me to paint her daughter a Hello Kitty painting for her new room, then a Super Mario one for her son.

I then made a shopping cart cover so our little guy would stop licking and chewing the sides of the carts. I'm pretty sure it made me gag a few times. I couldn't handle all that nastiness in his wee little mouth. I painted a rock for our garden like Bilbo Baggins's. Then I decided I wanted to try my hand at quilting. First with a table runner for an old chest we have - its where we have the kitty food dishes. It turned out awesome, I winged it and I measured what I needed then I got creative. I was pretty impressed with my results. Then I decided to use the leftover fabric to make a new cushion cover for a cushion cover we love that the washing machine decided to eat. That looked great, so I had to make a second. With the second I tried appliqué of our family name with letters I made and it looks pretty spectacular.

With Father's Day we made daddy; a tshirt, a TARDIS coffee cozy, and 3 felt Doctor Who Dolls. I tried to make ones that my husband didn't have in some form or another. I ended up making him The 9th Doctor, his companion Rose and a Weeping Angel - complete with moveable arms. All Doctor Who fans will understand the importance of this. Our little guy has commandeered all the Doctor Who dolls and I think he is in love with Rose. But really who can blame him hehehe.

We made grandpa a Nautical flags banner that spells grandpa. Lets see then I made an alien spaceship for my new nephew - have to nerd this boy up hehehe.

The latest projects have been tutus for my nieces a princess inspired one with a tiara and a Minnie Mouse inspired one with mouse ear hair clips.

It was fun getting my little guy to model the tutus and accessories, he loves the crown so much I am in the process of creating a Game of Thrones inspired crown for him - the first of many I'm sure. I am also working on a Hello Kitty inspired tutu and hair clips and a superhero cape and mask.  I think it's fair to say I'm in a good place right now and having these outlets for my creativity is doing wonders. If there is interest in anything I make I will add some things to my etsy shop just let me know :). Thanks for reading

Aug 24, 2011

Island Girl

Wow... it has been months and months since I have posted, life has been full of all sorts of new adventures including landing an amazing job and relocating across the country to a new province and city and meeting amazing friends. It isn't Environmental Planning like I had initially envisioned where my career would begin, but they say things happen for a reason and I tend to agree.

My new life is everything I could have possibly dreamt of and more and everyday it gets more amazing. The job is great and I am really good at it and excelling very quickly - which has caught my boss's attention. I am already managing my own areas and working with developers and municipalities and making a name for myself. I am a District Development Technician, and the job is a perfect fit. Between the job and the city I really don't see myself leaving this new found paradise anytime soon.. or ever really.

I have an amazing group of friends, we have so much fun and do so much, I rarely have downtime (which is ok with me). I have already seen and done so much. I feel like there is so much to see and do here that I will never run out of things to see and do.

The pets are adjusting well and Marls loves the ocean and the fact that she gets to come virtually everywhere with me. The stores downtown are pretty great and they let her come in most places and she has transitioned really well into more of a city dog. We still get some forest time and it will definitely increase more and more as time goes on.  She loved Tofino and I'm sure she'll be happy to go back in the next few weekends, and get some quality ocean swimming time and camping.

What can I say other than I love my freaking life and I am so lucky!! They say hard work and determination pays off and I think I am a walking billboard for that. I had such a great support group of friends and family that stood by me through school and hard times and I know they are all happy and proud of where I have ended up. So thank you soo much!! You all know who you are!!! I love you guys and I miss you :D

Well that's all for now but I will post again soon :D:D:D:D:D:D

Mar 13, 2011

neglected blog :(

I have been neglecting my blog lately, life has me busy and I am about to embark on  a new adventure. Until things slow down a little, and I have some time to actually spend the time and get some quality shots I will be doing 1 day a week so it will increase the length of the photo challenge but its about quality and inspiration not rushing through just to finish. I haven't been happy with my shots because they have been rushed and not well thought through and its counterproductive to the whole purpose of the photo challenge.