Jun 27, 2013

How to be an Explorer of the World

So from my recent post you can see that I have been keeping busy. Do you ever feel like you need a little spark to get you thinking off your "normal" train of thoughts? Seeing everything the same each day. Being away from work for a year and having a baby as my daily partner in crime is different that being out in the world and seeing and absorbing all that is around you. Meeting and working with people and constantly hearing different ideas and opinions ect. I seem to get "manamama" or a meow from the cats or whine from the dog most of the day. I love my days with my son but compared to my work life it is cheese and chalk (stole this saying from my besties mom). Anyway I have been digging around to find ways to start rethinking outside my box to get me prepared for the "real world" when I'm back at work.

I found a line to some books on a friends Pinterest page ( seriously go check out this fabulous woman's website, talk about creativity and inspiration  - Kate Fagervik - www.livewithmoxy.com -check out her IMAGINARIUM penthouse boutique in Enderby BC)

What caught my eye was a box set by Keri Smith entitled Wreck this Box. So I read about it and I was fascinated. Here is something to get me thinking outside my box, I got excited. Then I found Everything that can Happen in a Day by David Horovitz it's a playful activity journal for adults. Finally I found How to be an Explorer of the World - Portable LifeMuseum by Keri Smith. The only one I was able to get local was the last one so I got a copy and I am so excited. I ordered the others but it will be a few weeks before they arrive. I'm stoked to take this book and a notebook with me everywhere I go so I can:

This is so exciting I needed a little boost and I have already completed #1 and it's pretty neat. I'm hoping to expand my mind and knowledge of everything around me. I may even post some things I have done. I will try my best to post more on my experiments and observations of the world around me. 

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