Feb 3, 2011

Photo Challenge Day 3 - Silver

Well today's challenge was more difficult than I had anticipated. I took pictures of soooooooo many things and was unhappy with almost everything. I piled up different kinds of silver chains to try and show the different chain textures but I just couldn't get the lighting or shot I was looking for.  I tried to get creative with metal utensils, faucets and keys, and nothing seemed lead to a great shot or idea to create a great shot. I had decided to take a little break and come back to it and while I was sitting at my desk I looked up found some inspiration.

The first picture is taken from the side and the light is not shining directly on the guitar. The area that I focused on  was the silver strings and pick up.
 The second photo that I took I tilted my desk lamp towards the guitar and the light really makes the   pick up shine.

I wont go into great detail about today's photo's I am battling a terrible head cold and I am ready to crawl into bed for the night. Tomorrow is a new day and a new challenge!

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