Jan 26, 2011

365 Day Photo Challenge: Day 1 - Books

Today I started a 365 Day photo challenge, in order to help me decide what topic to pick for the first days challenge I used a random number generator and picked that number from my list. Today's theme is books this isn't an area that I have experimented with much so it made me really have to think outside my comfort zone.

Here are the guidelines for anyone who would like to participate.
  1. The picture must me taken on the day the topic is picked.
  2. The photos are to be natural, no photo editing, anyone can take a shot and manipulate it to look good, that is not what I want this challenge to be about, I want it to help inspire myself and others on getting those great shots and thinking outside the box.
  3. Have fun!! :D
I decided to use the macro setting for this shot and played around with the angles. I picked this book because I love the aged look and the blue vines with the light background. I love how the book pops against the black background of my mini fridge

For my second book shot, the theme and title of the book are the focal points. I wanted to use a map for the background of this picture because the book is about the map that changed the world and I thought it would be fun. This was a difficult shot to try and get, because this huge map in hanging on the wall in my office and I had to climb up on a coffee table to try and get it just how I wanted. I am happy with the shot and how the light made the colours seem very saturated.

I enjoyed today's challenge, and I am excited about tomorrows!!


  1. wow, wonderful pictures.
    You have 212 topics you want to talk about already????? wow.
    How did you come up with so many.
    I love your picture with the map in the background, it made the book pop sooo much.
    Denise McMillan

  2. Thanks Denise! I searched for other photo challenges most being 30 days, so I complied as many of the themes and topics as i could and then I added any I could think of.